Before I go any further, it is important that I explain who a social media influencer is, and clear the air on the title. A social media influencer is an individual with large followership, and who has the ability to convince his followers to buy a product, or get their opinions on several subjects. A social media influencer can boost sales for any product he chooses.

This is why social media influencers are important; because they can effect sales. If you are looking to make your brand strong on social media, then it is imperative that you try to connect with these influencers. When favorable tweets and posts are made about your business, this gives your product the required popularity and consequently boosts sales.

Like every other business relationship, connecting with influencers comes with its own delicate factors that should be taken into consideration. Also, it is not as easy as it seems. It is a task that requires careful selection, effective planning, and constant communication.

There are a number of common mistakes in these relationships, and it is important that you avoid them completely:

Targeting the Biggest Influencers:

It can be tempting to immediately go for the big dogs when you want to pursue your social media goals, but it is not advisable to do so. Start small. Build a network with young and growing influencers; these people are also influential in small and targeted groups.

How can you find these influencers? Social networking is your starting point. Go on blogs. Relate with people. Comment on posts. Build relationships. As you do this, you will connect with the growing influencers, and soon the bigger ones will come along.

Make Yourself Known:

As easy as it sounds, social media marketing isn’t what we think it is. Before you bombard influencers with ads about your products, know them and let them know you.

Build relationships before you tell them about posting your products. This way, you don’t bore them with pitches. Gain their trust, and soon they will promote your brand without you even asking.


Some of us are guilty of approaching influencers without any level of research. That will only lead to failure. Check out who they are. What are their interests? What kind of products have they promoted in the past? When you know your influencers very well, it becomes easier to engage with them.

Do you need help in finding Influencers? Check out tools like Klout, TweetLevel, and BlogLevel.

I know you also have ideas and tools for identifying influencers. Kindly share them with us below!